Surgery treatment for cancer is one option of cancer treatment. There are different types of surgeries and medicines that help the doctors to remove cancer such as Debulking surgery, Chemotherapy, and radiation. In debulking surgery, an organ is removed from our body that is affected by cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation are used after debulking surgery. Cancer can affect the part of our bodies such as head, neck and other body parts. In cancer, Surgeon use various types of surgery like Curative surgery, Preventive surgery, Diagnostic, Staging, Debulking, Palliative, Supportive and Restorative surgery. There are various other types of surgery that is used to cure cancer such as Cryosurgery.

Types of surgery for cancer treatment

1. Curative Surgery

Curative surgery removes the growth of cancer from our body. The surgeon uses curative cancer when cancer is located in one part of our body. Curative treatment is also considered as the primary treatment of cancer. However, radiation is used before or after the other part of the surgery.

2. Preventive Surgery

Preventive surgery is used to remove tissues that do not cell in which cancer are present but help to develop tumor

3. Diagnostic cancer

Diagnostic cancer is those type of surgery that is used to determine whether the cells are affected by cancer or not. It is used to remove the sample of tissue for testing and evaluation. These tissue sample help to diagnosis cancer, type of cancer and stage of cancer.

4. Staging surgery

Staging surgery is those types of surgery that is used to expose cancer to occur in our body. Laparoscopy is an example of a staging surgery procedure.

6. Palliative Surgery

Palliative surgery was done in the early stages. It is not used to cure cancer but help the surgeon to remove the problem of cancer. It also helps to create the treatment of cancer

Various types of surgery that is used for the treatment of cancer. We can identify three types of breast cancer surgery are breast cancer surgery, breast reconstruction surgery, and breast conservation surgery.

Advantages of surgery for cancer

What are the benefits of the surgery, which we are about to discontinue today, what is the surgeon going to do to treat cancer?

Advantages of robotic colon Resection

  • Small incision
  • Improved visualization
  • Improve Dexterity
  • Less Blood loss
  • Lower injection rate

A smaller incision is typically painful but is better for the patient. There is rapid recovery, Eat sooner, Bowel movement sooner and less need for pain medication which also has some side effects as compared to other surgery, robotic surgery is safer. In which patient live one or three days in the hospital. The patient was typically recommending this surgery. They spend two days recovering and when most of the patients were recovered from the hospital within two to three days. Once the doctor does the same operation by using other surgery. Patients were recovering two to three days longer rather we do robotically one of the benefits for utilizing the robotic surgery as compared to other types of surgery. The part of the body called Rectum. The rectum is present in confined space in the belly. To treat cancer aerostatically is difficult so doctor uses robotic technology and the definition of camera is that range of motion used in robotic equipment allow to remove some viral structure otherwise it is very difficult to remove in minimal time during other techniques.

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