Stand-Up Comedians – The 3 Most Influential Comedians of This Generation

The top 3 comedians of our generation: this is a list that is sure to generate both laughs and controversy. It is nearly impossible to reach a consensus on a list like this, so these rankings are clearly biased by my own opinions. However, that being said, this list is based not on who I think is the funniest comedian, but on who will be the most influential. So, without further ado, here is the list.

  1. Dave Chappelle. Chappelle is an actor, writer, comedian, and, most notably, star of “The Chappelle Show,” which propelled him onto and to the top of this list. Chappelle is known for his edgy, often controversial humor which tends to center on racial quirks and tensions, socio-economic standing, and their relations to society as a hole. In other words, he provided social commentary on race and class status, while still being incredibly funny to teens and the average American. In fact, few African American comedians outside of Bill Cosby have enjoyed the widespread appeal that Chappelle experienced with “The Chappelle Show.”
  2. Chris Rock. Rock was probably number one on the list before just being edged out by Chappelle. If we are talking strictly stand up comedy though, Rock probably wins. While he has yet to find the success in movies that many expected, Chris Rock remains one of the funniest standup comedians of our time. His commentary on race relations, class status, and politics have led many to hail him as the second coming of Richard Pryor. Rock also enjoyed success with his HBO series, “The Chris Rock Show.”
  3. Dane Cook.The final spot on our list is also the most controversial pick. Dane Cook shot to stardom and enjoys a huge and loyal fan base. However, no pick is as bitterly divisive as Cook, either. Despite his huge fan base, there are large numbers of people who absolutely seem to hate Cook, and find him unoriginal and unfunny. Many criticize Cook because his material lacks the political and social commentary of many of his peers. Whether he is funny or not, Cook makes this list largely due to how his success was gained. Cook propelled himself to stardom using the internet, largely through Myspace. Cook’s marketing efforts are likely to influence aspiring comedians for generations to come.

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